Free web for everyone worldwide


We are glad to offer a free dial-up access to a VPN internet service available in several countries around the world. Only cost you have is a local call rate, or maybe its already free for you.

Good for going online in locals or areas where there is no broadband or 3G/4G mobile coverage, for equipments with no possibility for network card, or just you dont want a "always on conection" regarding security issues.

For console fans like SEGA Dreamcast or Saturn , TERRADIALUP is the easyest solution, games like Daytona USA CCE Net Link Edition, Duke Nukem 3D, Bomberman, Sega Rally, Virtual On or Planet Ring, Phantasy Star Online, Quake III Arena, Maximum Pool, 4x4 Evolution.
There is a big community still playing these games worlwide.

For nostalgia or retro Web experience, TERRADIALUP will help you acomplish this.

You want to chat in IRC, maybe Messenger.
Whatsapp and Viber services can work with dial-up, Twitter also.
Receive  emails, play some old chess online, surf online, but let youtube, facebook  or other heavy audio/video for other situations.

We need the help of supporters to bring this reality to many users worldwide as possible, FREE internet over the world.

Not wifi or Satelite expensive solutions, we want using what we have already, the reliable PTSN.

Nowadays the usage is limit to 30minutes a session, that will drop, in order to other persons may also join. Supporters will not have this limit, because with help we can add more lines in the system as well as numbers worlwide.

List of possible countries:

Bold are the ones that we have coverage

Area code    Destination
54    Argentina
374    Armenia
61    Australia
43    Austria
973    Bahrain
32    Belgium
591    Bolivia
55    Brazil
359    Bulgaria
1    Canada
56    Chile
86    China
57    Colombia
506    Costa Rica
385    Croatia
357    Cyprus
420    Czech Republic
45    Denmark
1    Dominican Republic
503    El Salvador
372    Estonia
358    Finland
33    France
995    Georgia
49    Germany
30    Greece
502    Guatemala
852    Hong Kong
36    Hungary
353    Ireland
972    Israel
39    Italy
81    Japan
77    Kazakhstan
996    Kyrgyzstan
371    Latvia
370    Lithuania
352    Luxembourg
60    Malaysia
356    Malta
52    Mexico
31    Netherlands
64    New Zealand
47    Norway
507    Panama
51    Peru
63    Philippines
48    Poland

351    Portugal
1    Puerto Rico
40    Romania
7    Russian Federation
65    Singapore
421    Slovakia
386    Slovenia
27    South Africa
82    South Korea
34    Spain
46    Sweden
41    Switzerland
66    Thailand
90    Turkey
380    Ukraine
44    United Kingdom
1    United States
58    Venezuela
1    Virgin Islands (u.s.)


Please note that, depending on the numbers you choose, your location, and your calling plan, you may incur long distance or toll charges in excess of your local service charges on your telephone bill. For a list of access numbers and their locations click here. To find out whether or not you will incur any charges, and if so, the amounts of such charges, please contact your local telephone company. You are responsible for all telephone charges and any technical support charges incurred. Service not available in all areas. See Terms of Service for complete details.